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MOST’s work is based on knowledge and experience in international business.

Representing two cultures, MOST offers consulting services for various business related challenges, such as entering new markets, product development, education, and research. Having over 7 years of experience working with international projects and cases, Ekaterina Miettinen also has a PhD in Economics and Business administration, focusing on her work on consumer behavior.

“This is the way we’ve always done it” is not how we operate at MOST.


Our services


It is wise to acknowledge that businesses need to understand their customers and markets to make strategic, operational, and tactical decisions.
MOST will assist you to:
• Evaluate your business
• Find new clients
• Understand existing clients
• Evaluate competition


MOST offers a range of business related courses and programs to the professionals. We educate in such fields as consumer behavior in Finland and Russia, service related competences, and business. Our services are available distantly, online, and offline.

Russian markets

Russian markets offer a variety of business opportunities. MOST offers research services on the Russian market and Russian clients, assists you in finding a right partner, fully organize your meeting or visit in Russia “from A to Z”.

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